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One Step Toxoplasma Antibody Test

In cats, toxoplasmosis is most severe in transplacentally infected kittens, which may be stilliborn or die before weaning. Those that survive are anorexic and lethargic, with pyrexia that does not respond to antibiotics. The lungs, liver or CNS may be necrosed, leading to sings such as dyspnoea, respiratory noise, icterus, ascites and neurological signs. Kittens infected neonatally commonly show interstitial pneumonia, necrotising hepatitis, myocardidits, non-suppurative encephalits and uveitis on post-mortem examination. In young dogs, Toxoplasma gondii infection is usually generalized, causing fever, weight loss and anorexia. Dyspnoea, diarrhoea and vomiting may also be seen. Older animals more commolny experience localized infections which are primarily associated with the neural and muscular systems. when neurological signs are seen, they usually reflect diffuse inflammation of the CNS. For example, dogs might suffer seizures, ataxia, and paresis or muscle weakness. Although cardiac involvement occurs, this is not normally clinically significant. Ocular changed are rare, but are similar to those described in cats.

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