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Multi-drug Rapid Test Cassette (Hair)
Multi-drug Rapid Test Cassette (Hair) JusChek Drug of Abuse Rapid Test Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Setia Scientific Solution
Hair detection has unique advantages in the field of drug testing .Hair can provide long-term medication information that is not available in other biological samples such as blood and urine. Hair samples are relatively easy to take, easy to carry, and easy to store for long periods of time. The slow metabolism of drugs in hair can persist for a long time, and these factors provide better conditions for drug analysis.
Cotinine (COT)
Cotinine is the first-stage metabolite of nicotine, a toxic alkaloid that produces stimulation of the autonomic ganglia and central nervous system when in humans. Nicotine is a drug to which virtually every member of a tobacco-smoking society is exposed whether through direct contact or second-hand inhalation. In addition to tobacco, nicotine is also commercially available as the active ingredient in smoking replacement therapies such as nicotine gum, transdermal patches and nasal sprays.
Methamphetamine (MET)
Methamphetamine is an addictive stimulant drug that strongly activates certain systems in the brain. It is closely related chemically to Amphetamine, but the central nervous system effects of Methamphetamine are greater. It is made in illegal laboratories and has a high potential for abuse and dependence. The drug can be taken orally, injected, or inhaled. Acute higher doses lead to enhanced stimulation of the central nervous system and induce euphoria, alertness, reduced appetite, and a sense of increased energy and power. Cardiovascular responses to Methamphetamine include increased blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias. More acute responses produce anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations, psychotic behavior, and eventually, depression and exhaustion.
Allow the test, specimen, buffer, and/or controls to reach room temperature (15-30°C) prior to testing.
1. Remove the test cassette from the sealed pouch and use it within one hour. Collect the hair specimen from hair length close to the skin and cut dark hair of not less than 1 cm in length and not less than 100 mg.
2. Add the buffer to the Specimen Collection Tube with Catalyst Powder and shake it evenly to prepare the lysing buffer.
3. Add the hair sample to the prepared hair lysing buffer, tighten the cap onto the specimen collection tube, then shake the tube vigorously to mix the specimen and the lysing buffer. Leave the tube alone for 5 minutes
4. Place the test cassette on a clean and level surface. Open the cap of the specimen collection tube and transfer 3 full drops of specimen (Lysate) (approx. 120 mL) to the specimen well (S) of the test cassette, and then start the timer. Avoid trapping air bubbles in the specimen well(S).
5. Wait for the colored line(s) to appear. Read results at 5 minutes. Do not interpret the result after 10 minutes.







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