Vaginal pH Rapid Test Panel
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Vaginal infections are quite common and often a recurring problem among women of all age groups. An indication of abnormal acidity of the vaginal discharge can help evaluate whether the vaginal symptoms are likely caused by an infection that may require follow-up with a healthcare professional. An acidic vaginal pH value of 3.8 to 4.5 is a basic requirement for the optimal functioning of the body’s own system of protecting the vagina. This system can effectively avoid colonization by pathogenic germs and the occurrence of vaginal infections.

Allow the test, reagents, swab specimen, and/or controls to reach room temperature (15-30¡æ) prior to testing.
1 Remove the test panel from the seal pouch and use it within one hour.Best result will be obtained if the test is performed immediately after
opening the foil pouch.
2 Place the test panel on a clean and balance desk or take it by your free hand.
3 Apply the head of swab onto PH area of the test panel for at least 5 times,make sure enough secretion is applied on the pH area of the test panel.
4 Read. the result immediately while the measurement zone is still wet.Compare the color in the pH measurement zone with the color scale on the foil pouch and note the value on the color scale that is closest to the color on the test unit. After evaluation, dispose of the used panel and swab.



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Vaginal pH Rapid Test Panel

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