Ultrona'TM Urine Analyzer
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Offering Reliable Automation in Urinalysis Testing

Intended Use
UltronaTM Urine Analyzer is a semi- quantitative assessment of urine by using dry chemical methods.
According to the principle of photoelectric colorimetry, urine analyzer is used to evaluate the content of biochemical components in the urine through the change of color caused by the reaction of the reagent and urine biochemical components.

Scope of Application
UltronaTM Urine Analyzer works with certain urinalysis reagents strips manufactured by Hangzhou Alltest Biotech CO., Ltd. for the semi-quantitative detection of following analytes in urine:
Abbr. Parameter Abbr. Parameter Abbr. Parameter
ASC Ascorbic Acid LEU Leukocytes CRE Creatinine
BIL Bilirubin NIT Nitrite PRO Protein
BLO Blood pH pH URO Urobilinogen
GLU Glucose SG Specific Gravity ALB Microalbumin
KET Ketone CA Calcium    
It's for in vitro diagnosis professional use and use at Point of Care only. It may be used in central laboratories of medical institutions, outpatient or emergency departments, clinical departments or medical services (such as community health centers), or medical center, etc. It can also be used in research laboratories.
Technical Specification


Technical Parameters

Testing Principles

Through reflection photometer to evaluate the color change of urinalysis strip, 
then calculate the concentration of related items and output semi-quantitative results

Testing Wave Length


Testin Seed

500 samples / hour

Stray light

Relative intensity ≤ 1%


Linear correlation coefficient ≥0.995


Coefficient of variation CV ≤ 1%


During 8 hours of operation, Coefficient of variation CV ≤ 1%

Output Options

LCD display, serial port output,
Embedded 57mm thermal printer (English/Chinese),
External parallel dot matrix printer£¬(English/Chinese)

LCD Screen

240x64 dot-matrix LCD

Report Storage

Stores up to 2000 sets of results.

External Ports

RS-232C connected with PC
25 pin centronics port which can driver a dot external printer

Working Voltage

AC100-240V 50/60Hz


≤ 45 w


390X330X210 mm


6 kg

Working and Storage Condition
      Parameters Working condition Storage condition
      Temperature 10¡æ~30¡æ  -20¡æ~50¡æ
      Relative Humidity ≤80% ≤93% ≤93%
      Atmospheric Pressure 76-106Kpa 76-106Kpa
      Working Condition Stable Table, avoid of direct strong light and strong
electromagnetic interference source
Clean, Ventilative, Stable


Product Description



UltronaTM Urine Analyzer


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